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New partnership signed with WITS Agency in South Africa
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    Cape Town Bay one of the best education connector companys over the world, their services are high quality.
    Tom Sarek

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Cape Town Bay Company

Professional learning services company serves more than 3000 student.

Who we are

Professional Company provide support to the students who want to continue their education

current working areas Turkey, Malaysia and South Africa

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  • Preparing Requests75%
  • Airport Reception82%
  • Family Accomodation65%
  • Studying65%

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Transportation include and Safari Programs

Cape Town Bay provide you with the best transportation ways starting from arrival until your departure

Low cost, many benefits

Cape Town Bay gives you many benefits with low cost

Good Bye, Exhausting Search

Cape Town Bay helps you to find easily the best educational institutions without paying any more cost

High grades and International Certificates

Cape Town Bay ensures presenting you to best universities and institutions based on partnership programs we have

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to all offers

Don't hesitate requesting our services to grant us a chance to build your future


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South Africa Cape Town Kings St. Building 12332 Level 2

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Saudi Arabia Office : 00966-541429503

South Africa Office : 00276-10081771

South Africa Office : 00277-60151064

Turkey Office : 00905-5522295094

Telephone: 00966-541429503